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Dive into inspiring stories from our community members, sharing their experiences and transformations with Better Health Company. From participants to program funders, discover how we’ve made a difference in the lives of individuals and on a population level.


Jacqui Gauci: As a Health Coach and Team Leader at Better Health Company, I hear firsthand how our services are impacting people and communities, I hear it all the time!  

Try to picture health as a puzzle. And each puzzle piece represents something important for better health like eating well, staying active, being mindful, and having social connections with family and friends. As health coaches, we’re the tool that can help people put all these puzzle pieces together. 

At Better Health Company our coaching approach is person-centered. Our health coaches work with people and families to set health goals together, focusing on the things that matter to them most. 

In our family programs, we educate children and parents about healthy living in a fun and positive way. We are constantly hearing that families are enjoying mealtimes together more often, they are putting together healthier lunchboxes, or they are spending more time being active together. A massive one I hear all the time is the willingness of children to try new healthy foods once doing the program.  

When we work with adult clients, we often get feedback that after speaking with their health coach they found it easier to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. This is because we start small, nothing is ever out of reach, and we work with people to find the best way a new healthy habit may fit into their routine. We see people going from rarely cooking their own meals to taking packed healthy lunches to work, or not finding time to exercise to making time to add 5-10 mins of movement they enjoy into their day.  

Our health coaches are the support system that people need to transform health information into practical, actionable steps. Eventually the families and people we work with don’t need a health coach, they are able to piece together pieces of the puzzle on their own.  


"The Better Health Company to me is a group of wonderful, caring people who look after and want the best for each family they come into contact with. From my professional experience, their commitment to building the evidence-base to support their programs is really impressive."

- Ben Jackson (Professor in Health Promotion at University of Western Australia & Telethon Kids Institute Perth)

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Ben: My name is Ben Jackson and I’m a professor in health promotion at the University of Western Australia and at Telethon Kids Institute in Perth. My connection to the Better Health Company is one that’s existed for several years.

Ben: I consider myself a a close partner of and a supporter of the program and all that it does to help the health and wellbeing of Western Australian kids and families. I was recently lucky enough to speak with with somewhere in the region of 20 parents who had very recently experienced different versions of of the programs that better health offer and asked each of them whether they would recommend the program to other families.  Unanimously those parents all said yes. And when I asked them about what it was about the program that led them to that conclusion, they spoke of the level of care that the program provided and the ability to receive good up to-date expert content in a way that was easily digestible and was valuable and practical for them. I feel like my experience of hearing those folks talk about the program tells me that that the Better Health Program is one that’s delivered in a in a really professional way with a very personal feel alongside it and I think those ingredients are something that other programs would aspire to.

Ben: The Better Health Company to me is is is a group of wonderful caring people who look after and want the best for each and every family that comes into contact with their programs. From my professional experience their commitment to building the evidence base around their programs and understanding not just the effectiveness of the programs but all the ingredients that they place into their programs is really impressive and, I encourage them and them for continuing to be committed to that.


What employees say about us


Amy: I’m a senior health coach and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and I’ve been working with Better Health company for the past two years.

I’m lucky enough to have many special moments in my role, some of the most memorable ones are simple things like a child trying a new food and not rejecting it like they had in the past, or going on a beautiful mindful walk as a family and not seeking out the screen. Other beautiful moments that I’ve um had with clients is things like them just feeling more confident to be working on their health and wellbeing independently and then being so proud of achieving their goals that in the past they may not have been able to do. I always love to hear how when the coaching is finishing that they feel like they can continue to implement the healthy habits that they’ve developed. I love hearing that they’re better connected with their health professionals in their lives as well and just in general.

I’m so happy to be working in such a fabulous team that we can come together to provide the care and service that we do to our clients.



Naomi: I work for the Better Health Company as a health program facilitator. So this means I work both online as a health coach supporting families who do our online programs and also work in person with parents and children across the metro area delivering our face-to-face programs.

A really special moment from my job was when a parent from the Better Health Program actually emailed some really amazing feedback to us at the end of the program. She described the impact the program had on her son. How it impacted his health and his self-esteem in such an incredible and really meaningful way for her and her family. So it was so great to hear a really detailed and heartfelt feedback from this particular parent which has really stuck with me and stood out.

I would describe the Better Health Company as professional, supportive and forward-thinking. The company always ensures all the training of staff and all the standards are really upheld to an incredibly professional and evidence-based standard. And they’re also very supportive not only of staff, but all the staff are so caring and supportive of any client and participant in a really genuine and authentic way. And the company’s also forward thinking as they consistently update resources and programs and also use technology in a wonderful way to support families in the best way possible across all of Australia.



Jess: Hi my name is Jess and I work as a health coach here at the Better Health Company. I’ve been working here for just over a year and a half, and I am involved in both our online as well as our face-to-face group programs.

A moment that I will never forget would probably be something that a parent said to me after she and her daughter had completed the program. And she said to me that her daughter is more aware of the food that she’s putting in her mouth and she’s making decisions for herself, she’s asking questions and also being more mindful of being active now. She also followed this by saying how proud of her daughter that she was and her daughter was only six years old.

The company is such a great place to work there is a bunch of extremely friendly people very very supportive and very professional at the same time as being very fun.



Rachel: Hi my name is Rachel um my role here at Better Health Company is as a Health Coach. I deliver both in-person and online programs and I’ve been working for the company for just over a year now.

Definitely getting to know all of my participants and their families as well as that reflection that we have at the end of the program where we can see um how much progress they have made towards their healthy lifestyle changes.

We have such a great work environment here at Better Health Company. Not only do we all get on really well, it’s just such a fun and friendly environment and workplace to be a part of. No two days are the same, we are constantly adapting and we are always sort of given the opportunity to grow and um develop personally as well.



Sharika: Hi I’m Sharika and I’ve been working at Better Health Company for just over 2 and a half years and I am currently the Operations Manager for Better Health Company’s structured programs. There’s so many things that I love about my job but the best thing is probably seeing testimonials from participants and families and just seeing the impact that our programs and our services have on people.

A special moment for me that I’ll never forget was a period of time where I was in contact with a family who was completing one of our programs they were going through some really difficult circumstances at home but kept persevering with the program they ended up completing the program with gold stars which was really amazing to see and they were so appreciative of the support that we were able to give them throughout the program.

Better Health Company is the perfect mix of professional, fun, kind, creative, empowering uh collaborative the list could really just go on and on!



Max: Hi my name is Max I work in the registrations team as a program intake officer and I’ve been at the company for five months now.

One of the more recent experiences I had with the family where they explained that they’d had a really hard time
getting their child onto any sort of program because of their medical conditions but we were able to put them onto a program and just the the sheer gratitude that they expressed towards us and the joy was really really evident throughout the call. That was probably one of my favorite and more recent experiences to me.

It’s really evident that the company is driven by impact and not personal gain or financial game. That’s really evident in the work that we do and the attitudes of the people that work in the company.


"Better Health Company has given us so much knowledge and so much confidence in what we do and how we do things. It's just fantastic, and the support is incredible."

- Jen and Zac, Better Health Program (VIC Australia)

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Jen: My name is Jen and this is Zach, and we’ve just completed the Better Health Program. We decided to join the Better Health Program because we got to a stage where we were less active and probably not eating as well. I really enjoyed the program because it allowed me to have time with that.  

Zach: If I were to describe the Better Health Program in three words, I would say fun, fitter, healthier. 

Jen: If we can educate ourselves and give our children, and ourselves, the knowledge, we’re doing the best thing for them and by them. It means they have the knowledge to, you know, stay healthy. You do have to find that time, but it’s a commitment that gives us the ability to look back on. We have still got information, and it’s  a commitment to my family and to Zach. 

Zach: My three favorite things were the tokens, getting rewards, it really helped reading labels, and the recipes that we got to have.  

Jen: To have a program in place that goes back to the basics has been amazing.  

Zach: The healthy habits that I’m going to continue are around eating healthier, like lots of veggies.  

Jen: One thing we really changed was what went into our lunch boxes. It’s the one thing that we really concentrated on—no more processed foods, Whole Foods. 

Zach: I’m really proud of becoming more fitter and eating healthier.  

Jen: It’s given us so much knowledge and so much confidence in what we do and how we do things. I just fantastic, and the support is incredible.


Linda: it’s a very comprehensive program for the parents. it’s a real eye-opener to exactly what’s in the foods that we eat.

Dhari: he is a learning thing is his awareness is definitely improved what is good for him and what he can do better in his life.

Mais: I think the best part was to meet other people and share the same concern, which is our kids’ health, eating habits, and activity as well. Every week, you learn a bit about different topics of eating healthy, doing a lot of exercises. There’s nothing to be scared of; you go outside, exercise, and you learn. Increase our knowledge in general about how to be healthy and stay healthy.

illustration of zoe and ciaran

Success story: Meet Zoe, mother to five-year-old son Ciaran.

"I can thoroughly recommend The Active8 Program. It's been fantastic for me and my son Ciaran. We joined the program hoping to learn some tips for getting Ciaran to try new foods. I am pleased to say that several months later, Ciaran's diet has increased hugely, and he's now tucking into a variety of new foods. On top of that, we've reduced our screen time and had more confidence to try a range of active play ideas with Ciaran.

The best part of the program would be the support that you receive from the coaches. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I felt very supported whilst on the program. I will be telling other families to try The Active8 Program."

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"I joined The Active8 Program with my daughter Evie for extra support during the "fussy eating" phase, but got so much more out of the program than I ever expected."

- Bec and Evie, The Active8 Program (VIC Australia)

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Bec: Hi my name is Bec and this is my daughter Evie and we have done The Activate Program. I decided to join the
Activate Program because I wanted to understand more about healthy eating for my daughter especially as we work through the fussy eating phase. I felt like I really needed some guidance on how to maintain healthy habit.

The part I loved about the program is that the information is simple and easy to understand and was delivered in an engaging and interactive way. The package that we received was great and came in good use I really love the portion measuring cup just to make sure that we’re not under or over serving. One of the things I learned about active play was that you can break it up into smaller segments to fit in with a busy lifestyle it takes the stress and overwhelm out of it and makes it fun for you and your little one. And with healthy eating the information on what is really healthy and not just on face value was really eye openening and taught me not to rely on major claims on packages and to read the food labels.

The changes I am most proud of our family making are checking food packaging to see the levels of fats and sugars. We changed our granola and finding more ways to include healthy eating and active play into our lives by making small and simple changes like using an activity box instead of watching the TV. My fussy eating daughter now tries more foods even if she doesn’t like it we keep offering and she soon starts to try and eat more. Grapes are now one of her favorites yay!

What surprised me most about the program was the support and information available is amazing and you get time to ask a qualified health coach questions that can help you make better choices for your family. To someone who thinks they may be too busy for the program I thought I was too busy for it even though it seems like an added stress it isn’t. It is totally worth it! The self-paced option allows you to work around your schedule and even complete the program bit by bit day by day if you have to. Knowing that I might help my daughter make better choices throughout her life is the best thing I could have asked for.

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"I guess the thing I love most about the program is that a health coach checked in with her regularly showed her how easy it was to include some healthy habits in her week, and they didn't lecture her about it. Nice for me as a parent to have someone else externally reinforce this."

- Ally, Think Eat and Move (Sydney, Australia)

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Ally: Hi I’m Ally I’ve just completed the Think Eat and Move program with my daughter. I decided to join myself and my
daughter to the Think Eat and Move program because I noticed that she was spending a lot more time on her phone and her iPad and was simply developing some really unhealthy eating habits around snacking. We noticed that as she’s grown into a teenager her want to move and exercise had decreased so I hope that a program like Think Eat and Move could help change some of these habits.

I guess the thing I love most about the program is that a health coach checked in with her regularly showed her how
easy it was to include some healthy habits in her week, and they didn’t lecture her about it nice for me as a parent to have someone else externally reinforce this.

The changes I am proud of my daughter making is that she’s a lot more conscious of what she eats and loves reading labels and checking how much sugar is in things. She’s also taken to walking pretty regularly now with the dog it has been amazing to see how much happier she is within herself. She’s feeling better about herself overall and that flows into so many areas of her life. It was actually interesting the flow on effect of the program my husband and I both made healthy changes during the program too.
We walked more, opted for more water, ate healthier food options like salads with dinner. I think the biggest impact that the Think Eat and Move program had was it felt like my daughter learned things separate from me. She even started lecturing me about healthy habits which is great.

For another parent who is thinking of signing up I’d say do it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. The program talks to teenagers and can reach them in ways that really works.


Illustration of sarah

Success story: Meet 16 year old Sarah

"The best aspects of the Think Eat and Move program was that it had analogies for the different ways that I could live healthier. It gave me motivation as I could relate to them and also integrate them into my daily routine. The online sessions were really fun and the games within this gave me something to focus on. The phone calls with my coach were also amazing. I received a lot of encouragement from them to continue the healthier habits that I could make in my day. I sometimes struggled with starting to be healthy and often got overwhelmed trying to work out what to do but the small goals helped me to make small changes overtime which eventually led to me making my lifestyle much healthier."

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Health professional: So what did you enjoy the most about the program?

Vionod: Basically the overall program was very informative both for the parents as well as for the kids. It’s kind of striking the balance between both the parents and the kids to making healthier choices and healthy lifestyle changes for your family. So that’s something that I liked about the overall program.



Ali: I think the program has been fantastic for my son. He is making better food selections. Instead of sugar foods like the chips and the biscuits, he is having popcorn. Much healthier choices and I can just see a difference in him.



Health professional: So, I just wanted to ask you what changes are you most proud of making on the Better Health Program?

Carol: Well actually it has been a great change for the children.. they are my grand children. So they have been used to eating large portions and not even realising what they are eating. But since joining this program they have learned about healthy food groups. They are making better choices. My granddaughter is making choices from ice-cream to yoghurt with fruit and that type of thing. So I think it is a wonderful program and I would advise anybody who is thinking about joining the program to definitely join the program, it’s fantastic.


"One of the best healthy habits that I'm now doing is I'm finding that I eat more regularly and am more aware of my hunger levels throughout the day sometimes. I would snack a lot after dinner but the service has been great and give me ideas and ways to better manage my meals."

- Greg, Better Health Coaching Service (VIC, Australia)

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Greg: Hi I’m Greg I’ve been doing the Better Health Coaching Service now for 2 months and I’m really enjoying it. I’m really glad I signed up for Better Health Coaching
Service. It has helped me find easy ways to make healthier choices each day I feel like I’ve learned more about simple
things like balancing my meals having more vegetable throughout the day. And you don’t just get told what to do your health coach works with you to find a way that will be manageable for you to add into your daily life.

One of the best healthy habits that I’m now doing is I’m finding that I eat more regularly and am more aware of my hunger levels throughout the day sometimes. I would snack a lot after dinner but the service has been great and give me ideas and ways to better manage my meals. The phone calls with my health coach each week is the reason why I stayed on track I found it really helpful to be able to bounce ideas off the coach and they’re always understanding if we needed to work on adjusting my goals.

I found it easy to be able to take calls from the comfort of my home without having to go to an in-person appointment. It makes something like this super flexible and convenient it took me by surprise how personal the
coaching service was. It was completely tailored to the goals I wanted to reach. I was also surprised how making small changes to food choices and routine had such an extra impact on things like my energy levels like I said before the service is super personal and specific to you.

I found my coach really listened to what was important to me and was flexible in helping me work on what felt achievable and sustainable. It was great too because you had to make plans for just one week at a time so it didn’t
feel too big of a task if you think you are too busy to do something like this. I’d say jump in and give it a go it has helped me so much more than I expected and was super easy to fit into my weekly schedule.


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