Everything we do is evidence-based

Our integrated approach

Our programs and services seamlessly weave together three fundamental principles for better health.

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Good nutrition

We guide people towards making informed and healthy food choices, empowering them to cultivate a well balanced and nourishing diet.

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Physical activity

We help people discover enjoyable ways to move their bodies, not just for fitness but also for sustainable and active living.

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Behaviour change

We use a non-judgemental approach to educate people on strategies to establish sustainable and healthy lifestyle habits.

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Why trust our approach?

In a crowded health and wellness landscape, our commitment to evidence-based practices sets us apart. We don’t only guide people towards better health, we use the latest research and evidence-based practice to do it.  

All advice and recommendations incorporated in our programs, training and services align with published literature and evidence-based government guidelines including the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines.  

Our publications

At The Better Health Company, we pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence. Our research and advisory team conducts rigorous, evidence-based research to assess the impact of our services in Australia. 

Through our publications, you can find out more about our projects, services, research, and the impact on our community. 

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