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An evidence-based approach to helping children, young people and adults lead healthier lifestyles.

About Better Health Company

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What we do

We deliver a range of tailored health programs, training, and resources, with the help of government departments and health professionals.


Community based

Sustainable partnerships make sure we can provide either funded or cost effective services for all ages, cultures and communities.


Health professional developed

Our programs and services are evidence-based and developed by expert dietitians, psychologists and exercise professionals.


Practical action

We believe in a holistic approach to health to make sure that our advice is achievable and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Our programs

We deliver a range of healthy lifestyle programs for all age groups. For health professionals looking to deliver a program, we provide full training and resources to help you deliver programs.
To find out more, or to check if you or your child are eligible for our programs, please click the button below.

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