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Join us in achieving our mission to help Australians achieve better health

When you join Better Health Company you join a tight-knit team of dedicated and passionate health workers, focused on delivering the best quality health services possible.

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What you will get in return

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Work-life balance

We’ve got your back. We support your career and your lifestyle. After all, we want to help you achieve better health too. We offer flexible working arrangements, including work from home for remote or interstate staff.

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Career development

Grow your ideas, skills and career with us. Discover where you can thrive in community health service. We’re still growing and evolving. And, you can grow and evolve with us in challenging and stimulating environments.

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Diversity and inclusion

At Better Health Company, being you matters. When you join us, you’ll be part of a culture that’s meant for everyone. We’re continually building an environment that embraces all experiences, all voices, and all backgrounds.

Our values

Our five core values underpin everything that we do at Better Health Company.

Be a team player

We work collaboratively with each other and our communities to ensure we learn from one another and produce high quality work.

Empower others

We are passionate about helping people lead healthier life styles, at all ages.

Practice what you preach

We have a healthy approach to work, fun, life and family. Because we’re all about helping people live healthy lifestyles, including our own.

Keep it real

We provide practical support that's realistic and sustainable.

Leave things better than you found them

We work together to ensure the best outcomes, while always striving for improvements.

everyone is welcome at Better Health Company

Better Health Company is proud to foster a supportive, inclusive and respectful workplace. We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other people of colour, people who are neurodiverse or living with a disability and people from all parts of the gender and sexuality spectrum. We support flexible working arrangements and making adjustments where needed. 

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Expression of interest: Health Coach

Do you want to build a career helping Australians achieve better health across the country? Do you want to join a passionate, tight-knit, high-impact team? We’re always on the look out for health coaches to join our team to run our award-winning healthy lifestyle programs in metro and regional areas across Australia. This involves delivering phone-based health coaching appointments to families and individuals to help them with their health and wellbeing needs.

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Are you interested in becoming a Health Coach with us? Enrol in our Accredited Health Coaching Course

We offer a nationally accredited training program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to master the art of health coaching. It is an industry-validated program approved by and aligned to the newest Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association (HCANZA) health coaching standards, released in 2023.

This comprehensive course offers a deep dive into the core skills of effective health coaching. From mastering communication and documentation to understanding client-led approaches and ethical standards, after completing this course you will emerge well-prepared and certified to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic field of health coaching.

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position available

Expression of interest: Health Education Subject Matter Expert

Are you a seasoned expert in health-related topics, passionate about making a positive impact? Better Health Company is always on the lookout for dedicated Subject Matter Expert (SME) to join our Academic Advisory Committee. You’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our health programs, education, and training courses. You must have a keen eye for detail to validate content, and provide expert advice to help us develop top-notch health education materials. Contact us for more information.

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What employees say about us


Amy: I’m a senior health coach and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and I’ve been working with Better Health company for the past two years.

I’m lucky enough to have many special moments in my role, some of the most memorable ones are simple things like a child trying a new food and not rejecting it like they had in the past, or going on a beautiful mindful walk as a family and not seeking out the screen. Other beautiful moments that I’ve um had with clients is things like them just feeling more confident to be working on their health and wellbeing independently and then being so proud of achieving their goals that in the past they may not have been able to do. I always love to hear how when the coaching is finishing that they feel like they can continue to implement the healthy habits that they’ve developed. I love hearing that they’re better connected with their health professionals in their lives as well and just in general.

I’m so happy to be working in such a fabulous team that we can come together to provide the care and service that we do to our clients.



Naomi: I work for the Better Health Company as a health program facilitator. So this means I work both online as a health coach supporting families who do our online programs and also work in person with parents and children across the metro area delivering our face-to-face programs.

A really special moment from my job was when a parent from the Better Health Program actually emailed some really amazing feedback to us at the end of the program. She described the impact the program had on her son. How it impacted his health and his self-esteem in such an incredible and really meaningful way for her and her family. So it was so great to hear a really detailed and heartfelt feedback from this particular parent which has really stuck with me and stood out.

I would describe the Better Health Company as professional, supportive and forward-thinking. The company always ensures all the training of staff and all the standards are really upheld to an incredibly professional and evidence-based standard. And they’re also very supportive not only of staff, but all the staff are so caring and supportive of any client and participant in a really genuine and authentic way. And the company’s also forward thinking as they consistently update resources and programs and also use technology in a wonderful way to support families in the best way possible across all of Australia.



Jess: Hi my name is Jess and I work as a health coach here at the Better Health Company. I’ve been working here for just over a year and a half, and I am involved in both our online as well as our face-to-face group programs.

A moment that I will never forget would probably be something that a parent said to me after she and her daughter had completed the program. And she said to me that her daughter is more aware of the food that she’s putting in her mouth and she’s making decisions for herself, she’s asking questions and also being more mindful of being active now. She also followed this by saying how proud of her daughter that she was and her daughter was only six years old.

The company is such a great place to work there is a bunch of extremely friendly people very very supportive and very professional at the same time as being very fun.



Rachel: Hi my name is Rachel um my role here at Better Health Company is as a Health Coach. I deliver both in-person and online programs and I’ve been working for the company for just over a year now.

Definitely getting to know all of my participants and their families as well as that reflection that we have at the end of the program where we can see um how much progress they have made towards their healthy lifestyle changes.

We have such a great work environment here at Better Health Company. Not only do we all get on really well, it’s just such a fun and friendly environment and workplace to be a part of. No two days are the same, we are constantly adapting and we are always sort of given the opportunity to grow and um develop personally as well.



Sharika: Hi I’m Sharika and I’ve been working at Better Health Company for just over 2 and a half years and I am currently the Operations Manager for Better Health Company’s structured programs. There’s so many things that I love about my job but the best thing is probably seeing testimonials from participants and families and just seeing the impact that our programs and our services have on people.

A special moment for me that I’ll never forget was a period of time where I was in contact with a family who was completing one of our programs they were going through some really difficult circumstances at home but kept persevering with the program they ended up completing the program with gold stars which was really amazing to see and they were so appreciative of the support that we were able to give them throughout the program.

Better Health Company is the perfect mix of professional, fun, kind, creative, empowering uh collaborative the list could really just go on and on!



Max: Hi my name is Max I work in the registrations team as a program intake officer and I’ve been at the company for five months now.

One of the more recent experiences I had with the family where they explained that they’d had a really hard time
getting their child onto any sort of program because of their medical conditions but we were able to put them onto a program and just the the sheer gratitude that they expressed towards us and the joy was really really evident throughout the call. That was probably one of my favorite and more recent experiences to me.

It’s really evident that the company is driven by impact and not personal gain or financial game. That’s really evident in the work that we do and the attitudes of the people that work in the company.