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What to expect from Better Health Company in 2022

We asked our founder and Managing Director, Madeline Freeman, what we can expect from Better Health Company in 2022. Here’s what she had to say…

What does Better Health Company have planned for 2022? So, so much. Where do we even begin!

Like most of businesses across the globe, the past two years have been a bit of a curveball to say the least. But it’s also been a time to stop, reflect and rethink the way we do things. Our team has been working hard over the last 12-24 months to refine, our existing services as well as develop amazing, new projects we’re excited to put into practice over the next year.

One of the biggest, and most noticeable changes you’ll see from Better Health Company is we’ve had a makeover. While we’ve prioritised ensuring our programs are evidence-based and up to date with current government guidelines for nutrition and physical activity, it’s been some time since we refreshed our brand and design. So, we’re jumping into 2022 with a brand-new look and feel that reflects our modern approach to health. This will be applied to all of our websites, resources and socials for Better Health Company and our sub brands (our programs).

Thankfully, we were one step ahead in the online space before covid-19 hit with our online programs for primary aged children (Better Health Program) and adolescents (Think Eat and Move) already running in local communities. While the pandemic made it difficult to run our group-based programs (usually delivered face to face), our online programs boomed. We know many families had their worlds flip upside with home schooling, financial hardships, and limited access to activities, events and social occasions but we are so grateful that we were able to give families the opportunity to make their family health a priority during this time.

Over the next 12 months we are planning for continued growth in the online space. Supporting families to lead healthier, happier lifestyles is our number one priority. We’ve found delivering our programs online enables us to provide this opportunity to more families than ever, especially those living in remote and rural areas. And with support of our partnerships with stakeholders and funders, we love that we are able to provide this support to families at no charge.

Ensuring that our programs are evidence-based, continues to be of paramount importance. The outcomes from all of our online programs are outstanding and family testimonials are heartwarming. With hopes to share these outcomes more widely, a large-scale randomised control trial in partnership with Monash University is underway and we can’t wait to see the outcomes.

In the coming months we will also be launching Active8, our online healthy lifestyle program for early year (2-6 years) and their parents or carers. We couldn’t be more excited about this. Knowing how busy parents of toddlers can be, we believe this is the perfect platform to support families in this age bracket and help them embed healthy lifestyle habits from the early years.

The support of our stakeholder groups, including funders and health professionals is essential to all that we do. This year, new contracts and funding will provide more families across Australia with access to our programs. We want to continue our clinical engagement with health professionals by providing more thorough, advanced reporting to help as many families as possible access a program that suits them.

Seems like a lot to accomplish in one year, right? Well, that’s not all we have in store. We want everyone to access our services, regardless of location, financial situation or funding criteria. So, we’ve got something BIG in the works. While, we can’t share exactly what this project is yet (sorry for the clickbait) but boy we can’t wait until we can. All we can say is for now is … stay tuned.

We’ll be providing regular updates on our work, but if you have any questions in the meantime don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Warm regards,
Madeline Freeman

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