Water games for kids to beat the heat at home!

Fun games for the whole family when it's hot, humid and sticky.

The Australian sun can be unrelenting. But that doesn’t mean we need to stay indoors all the time. The human body was made for movement after all! What better way to cool down than at one of our Australian beaches? But wait, the beach is too far away you might say? Not to fear, for we are gifted with access to our trusty garden hose, our kitchen sink, and our showers!

Here are some great water games, perfect for hot summer days.


Ideas for water activities: 

  • Make a backyard water slide. Make the base of the slide with soft plastic sheeting from Bunnings, pour water and shampoo or bubble bath on it, and away you go! 


  • Have a balloon fight. Fill up several balloons with water and tie them off. Split into two teams or simply have a free-for-all by throwing the water balloons at one another. Parents, gently remind kids to through below shoulder height!


  • Play octopus with the sprinklers. Arrange some sprinklers in the middle of an outdoor area, then turn them on and run through them trying to not get sprayed! Make it more or less difficult by changing the arrangement of sprinklers/number of sprinklers. 


  • Try a water cup running relay. Stick a plastic/paper cup of water to the end of a kitchen utensil with tape, split into teams, and do some relay races! 


  • Pay water ball catch. Make up some water balloons, then use a plastic bucket to catch the water balloons as they are thrown in the air, the player who collects the most water in their bucket wins! Modify by sticking the bucket to a bicycle helmet. 


  • Pretend to fish with magnetic fishing rods. Tie some magnets to chopsticks or other kitchen utensils with string, then fill up some buckets with water and drop some (safe) metallic objects in, and start fishing! 


  • Have a game of water cricket. Throw a water balloon past the batter (baseball/cricket/tennis bat) into a bucket. The batter has to try and block the balloon from landing in the bucket! 


Turn the heat into an opportunity for endless fun this summer. These activities not only keep you cool but also encourage physical activity, social interaction, and lots of laughter!

Let the water-filled games begin!