We deliver online and face-to-face training programs in locations across Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is on nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change principles for all ages. New training courses are added regularly.


• We offer quality training packages and courses for our programs and our partners.
• This training is developed and written by experienced psychologists, dietitians and exercise professionals.
• All our content is evidence-based and aligns to Australian guidelines and recommendations.
Online training courses are an excellent way to deliver comprehensive information to local health, fitness and education professionals. Our engaging training courses provide participants with the skills and information needed to provide support for local individuals and families wanting to live healthier lifestyles.

Talking with parents about children’s weight

The ‘Talking with Parents about Children’s Weight’ training is available online and face-to-face. It is designed to help health and community professionals talk about weight sensitively with families.

Participants are provided with information about:

•    Causes and consequences of children being above a healthy weight.
•    How to accurately define and measure a child’s growth status.
•    How to explain growth status to families in a sensitive, helpful way.
•    How to apply these skills to their own professional background.

Child Obesity Awareness Training

•    Available in both face-to-face and interactive online formats.

•  Developed through extensive experience working with children who are above a healthy weight.
•   Created for health professionals, community practitioners and front-line staff.

•   Provides a comprehensive overview of child overweight and obesity

If you already have a username and password, you can access the course by logging in here.
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Professional development events

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