Talking with parents about
children's weight

Talking with parents about children’s weight has been developed to support health and community professionals talk to families about weight in a sensitive and helpful way. The online training course is available free of charge to professionals across Western Australia.

An online professional development resource

This course is designed for health and community professionals. It aims to provide information and practical skills on how to talk about weight sensitively with families.

The training includes information on:

  • Causes and consequences of children being above a healthy weight.
  • How to accurately define and measure a child’s growth status.
  • How to explain growth status to families in a sensitive, helpful way.
  • How to apply these skills to their own professional background.
The course takes 2-3 hours and is currently FREE to access if you are a health or community professional based in Western Australia.

If you are based elsewhere, it costs $75.00 AUD per person to participate.

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