Helping people achieve better health in pregnancy and beyond

Introducing the Better Health Coaching Service for pregnancy

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Are you expecting or recently welcomed a new baby? Ready to boost your health and wellbeing?

Discover the Better Health Coaching Service, a 10-part evidence-based, telehealth program tailored to empower pregnant people and new mothers.

Our program focuses on supporting you in making healthy choices, ensuring optimal nutrition, and staying active during this crucial phase. With coaching appointments available from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, we're here to guide you through the journey of pregnancy and postpartum with personalised care and expert support.

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Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby

The Better Health Coaching Service can help you:

  • Focus on healthy eating for your pregnancy.
  • Cook quick, easy and delicious meals.
  • Move your body in a way you love and is comfortable.
  • Set easy to manage healthy routines.
  • Work towards your own personal goals.

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The Better Health Coaching Service in South Australia

Preventative Health SA has partnered with Better Health Company to deliver the Better Health Coaching Service to help South Australians to eat well, be active, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. The Better Health Coaching Service is provided for free to eligible South Australians through funding by Preventative Health SA.

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Key features of the Better Health Coaching Service for pregnancy

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Personalised guidance

Receive one-on-one coaching from certified health professionals, ensuring tailored support.

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Pregnancy resources for you

Access to health resources designed specifically for pregnant individuals, to optimise your health.

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Expert pregnancy health advice

Benefit from expert insights on maintaining a healthy diet and staying active during your pregnancy journey.

Pregnant woman on phone for support

Confidential, flexible support

Enjoy up to 10 confidential phone appointments with a qualified health coach, any time and anywhere.

Are you a health professional working with people who want to eat well and be active during pregnancy

Refer your clients to the Better Health Coaching Service. Outcomes can include:

  • Increased consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • Healthy physical activity levels throughout pregnancy
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improved emotional wellbeing
  • Increased knowledge of health and nutrition information

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Why refer your pregnant clients?

A referral from a trusted health professional is often the motivation people need to take the next step towards better health. The program is designed to complement the client care you offer, and provides you with a practical solution for clients. By referring pregnant people to Better Health Coaching you can:

  • Complement your care plans. Enhance your clients care by integrating Better Health Coaching
  • Provide expert guidance to your clients. Better Health Coaching is delivered by experienced professionals specialising in paediatric health, including dietitians, exercise physiologists, and health psychologists.
  • Reduce the risk of preventable health complications throughout pregnancy.
  • Empower adults to improve and maintain their health and well being.
  • Receive regular updates on your client’s progress.

Once you have referred, our team will be in touch directly with the participant to get them started. With the client’s consent, you will receive updates on their progress.

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Can't wait to join the service? Shop our health and wellbeing resources now

We create and sell custom resources and tools to help Australians of all ages improve their health and wellbeing. All of our resources are designed inhouse by our team of expert health professionals.

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Teenagers and young people

Helping teenagers move towards better health

The Think Eat and Move program, health and wellbeing tools, and more

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Group of teenagers smiling

Healthy, happy teenagers

At Better Health Company, we understand the intricacies of the teenage years. Our dedicated team of health experts specialise in guiding teenagers through this pivotal stage, addressing not just physical but also emotional and social wellbeing. We take a holistic approach, recognising that teenagers require tailored strategies to thrive.

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Think Eat and Move

A healthy lifestyle program for teenagers

Our signature Think Eat and Move program is designed explicitly for teenagers and young adults. Think Eat and Move is a 8-week evidence based, online healthy lifestyle program designed to help teenagers be active, eat well and build healthy habits. The program is delivered by health professionals who coach and guide teenagers to make healthy changes in their lives for brighter and healthier futures.

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Key features of Think Eat and Move

Interactive content icon

Convenient, online coaching program

Teenager using laptop

For teens aged 13-17 years old (and their parent or carer)

Teenager eating healthy meal

Learn about healthy eating and keeping physically active

8 weeks icon

Entire 8 week program, easy to access online

Think Eat and Move in Sydney, NSW

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN has partnered with Think Eat and Move to deliver the Think Eat and Move program across Sydney, Australia. The online program is provided for free to eligible teenagers in Sydney.

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How does it work?

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Learn from home or anywhere that suits you!

Think, Eat and Move runs online so that it is flexible and convenient for you. It takes 8 weeks to complete. Each week involves doing a 30 minute online learning session accessed via our website, and a 30 minute phone-based appointment with a health coach. Parents and carers should do the online learning session and the coaching call with their child. Work towards your goals, your way, on your time!

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What's included?

Health advice icon

Expert advice

Through coaching from qualified health professionals including dietitians, exercise physiologists and psychologists.

Box of resources

Personalised goal setting

Motivation to set health goals that work for you, and the support you need to track your progress to achieve them.

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Practical resources

Hands on resources including a recipe book, journal, and exercise equipment to help you eat well and be active.

Are you a health professional working with adolescents?

Refer your clients to Think Eat and Move. We provide evidence based guidance around heathy eating, keeping physically active and changing health behaviours.

Doctor with teenage patient

"I guess the thing I love most about the program is that a health coach checked in with her regularly showed her how easy it was to include some healthy habits in her week, and they didn't lecture her about it. Nice for me as a parent to have someone else externally reinforce this."

- Ally, Think Eat and Move (Sydney, Australia)

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Ally: Hi I’m Ally I’ve just completed the Think Eat and Move program with my daughter. I decided to join myself and my
daughter to the Think Eat and Move program because I noticed that she was spending a lot more time on her phone and her iPad and was simply developing some really unhealthy eating habits around snacking. We noticed that as she’s grown into a teenager her want to move and exercise had decreased so I hope that a program like Think Eat and Move could help change some of these habits.

I guess the thing I love most about the program is that a health coach checked in with her regularly showed her how
easy it was to include some healthy habits in her week, and they didn’t lecture her about it nice for me as a parent to have someone else externally reinforce this.

The changes I am proud of my daughter making is that she’s a lot more conscious of what she eats and loves reading labels and checking how much sugar is in things. She’s also taken to walking pretty regularly now with the dog it has been amazing to see how much happier she is within herself. She’s feeling better about herself overall and that flows into so many areas of her life. It was actually interesting the flow on effect of the program my husband and I both made healthy changes during the program too.
We walked more, opted for more water, ate healthier food options like salads with dinner. I think the biggest impact that the Think Eat and Move program had was it felt like my daughter learned things separate from me. She even started lecturing me about healthy habits which is great.

For another parent who is thinking of signing up I’d say do it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. The program talks to teenagers and can reach them in ways that really works.


Healthy habits journal

Shop our products to help you achieve better health

Explore our thoughtfully selected range of health and wellbeing tools designed for young people. Shop confidently, knowing each item has been designed in-house by our team of health professionals. When you join one of our programs in a funded area, you are eligible to receive a selection of these resources for free.

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What teenagers (and their parents!) are saying about us

Toddlers and pre-schoolers

Supporting parents to nurture healthy, happy toddlers and pre-schoolers

The Active8 Program, resources, tools and more

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Your trusted partner in toddler health

At Better Health Company, we understand that parenting toddlers and pre-schoolers comes with its unique set of joys and challenges. That's why we've curated a range of health programs, resources, and tools designed to support you every step of the way. Why? To empower parents and carers to raise happy, healthy toddlers!

The Active8 Program

Your guide to raising a healthy toddler

The Active8 Program is our health program designed for parents and carers of toddlers and pre-schoolers. Lasting eight weeks, this program is all about helping you make meal times easier, encouraging your child to be active, and teaching healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Led by qualified health professionals, The Active8 Program gives you practical advice and tools based on the latest research. Plus, you can choose between online sessions or in-person meetings in your local community. It's a simple, effective way to boost your confidence and create a healthier family routine.

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Key features of The Active8 Program

Interactive content icon

Interactive, evidence-based program

Parent and child hugging

For parents and carers with young children

Child playing with hula-hoop

Healthy eating and play ideas for young children

8 weeks icon

8 week program you can do online or in person

The Active8 Program in Western Australia

Western Australia Department of Health has partnered with Better Health Company to deliver The Active8 Program across Western Australia. The Active8 Program is provided for free to eligible Western Australian parents.

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How can The Active8 Program help?

Girl eating watermelon

Support with healthy eating

Gain practical strategies to manage picky eaters and create a positive mealtime environment.

kids play equipment

Less screen time, more play

Access a wealth of tips and strategies designed to keep your child active, stimulated, and excited about play.

Woman holding clipboard

Expert guidance

Benefit from expert-led sessions and personalised advice, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to navigate your toddler's health.

goal setting icon

Personalised goal setting

Learn how to set goals to form a healthy family routine that works for you and your toddler.

How does it work?

Learn from home, or anywhere

The online program provides flexibility for busy parents whilst supporting them to help their young child eat well, try new foods and participate in active play. The online program runs for 8 weeks. Each week there is an educational, 30 minute, online learning session parents or carers will complete, and they will participate in a weekly 30 minutes phone call with a qualified health professional.

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Learn in person

Children and their parent or carer come along to a program in a local community venue where they’ll learn alongside other parents and children. The in person program runs for 8 weeks and includes one 90 minutes session each week. The program includes parent support learning sessions, play activities, and an opportunity to try new foods with their child. Sessions are facilitated by health professionals.

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Product image - why we do what we do activity cards

Shop our curated products to support your child's development

Explore our thoughtfully selected range of health and wellbeing tools designed to complement The Active8 Program available for purchase. Shop confidently, knowing each item has been designed in-house by our team of health professionals. When you join The Active8 Program in a funded area, you get a selection of these resources for free.

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"I joined The Active8 Program with my daughter Evie for extra support during the "fussy eating" phase, but got so much more out of the program than I ever expected."

- Bec and Evie, The Active8 Program (VIC Australia)

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Bec: Hi my name is Bec and this is my daughter Evie and we have done The Activate Program. I decided to join the
Activate Program because I wanted to understand more about healthy eating for my daughter especially as we work through the fussy eating phase. I felt like I really needed some guidance on how to maintain healthy habit.

The part I loved about the program is that the information is simple and easy to understand and was delivered in an engaging and interactive way. The package that we received was great and came in good use I really love the portion measuring cup just to make sure that we’re not under or over serving. One of the things I learned about active play was that you can break it up into smaller segments to fit in with a busy lifestyle it takes the stress and overwhelm out of it and makes it fun for you and your little one. And with healthy eating the information on what is really healthy and not just on face value was really eye openening and taught me not to rely on major claims on packages and to read the food labels.

The changes I am most proud of our family making are checking food packaging to see the levels of fats and sugars. We changed our granola and finding more ways to include healthy eating and active play into our lives by making small and simple changes like using an activity box instead of watching the TV. My fussy eating daughter now tries more foods even if she doesn’t like it we keep offering and she soon starts to try and eat more. Grapes are now one of her favorites yay!

What surprised me most about the program was the support and information available is amazing and you get time to ask a qualified health coach questions that can help you make better choices for your family. To someone who thinks they may be too busy for the program I thought I was too busy for it even though it seems like an added stress it isn’t. It is totally worth it! The self-paced option allows you to work around your schedule and even complete the program bit by bit day by day if you have to. Knowing that I might help my daughter make better choices throughout her life is the best thing I could have asked for.

Want to go? Let’s go!


Are you a health professional working with parents and young children?

Refer your clients to The Active8 Program. We provide evidence based guidance around physical activity, fussy eating and nutrition to help parents build confidence during meal times and form healthy family habits!

Doctor checking up on young child
Father and son eating apple

Why refer?

By referring families to the Active8 Program you can:

  • Lay the foundation for lifelong health with a focus on prevention from an early age.
  • Enhance client’s care by incorporating the program as an intervention.
  • Help your clients feel further supported through weekly program components.
  • Promote family well-being by addressing physical, emotional, and social health using a holistic approach.
  • Empower parents to become health role models for their children.

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What parents and carers are saying about us