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New Year, New You. The healthy way to plan a new years resolution for 2022.

Are you choosing to make a new year’s resolution to help your family become fitter, healthier and happier? With the busy Christmas and new year’s period out of the way, January always feels like a good time for a fresh start!
Sometimes we see families full of good intentions to make healthier food and activity choices in the new year lose track and fall back to old habits as time goes on. Here are our top tips for setting a new year’s resolution goal that your family will actually stick to.
Be specific

The key to sticking to your new year’s resolution is to make it specific. For example, if your resolution is “to make healthier food choices for your family” or “to be more active together” start by specifying how you are going to achieve these things. Maybe you are going to serve an extra serving of vegetables with evening meals, or have a healthy breakfast together every day as a family, or organise a weekly family activity on the weekends.

Make your resolution realistic
Take baby steps and set small goals to start with. The more realistic and achievable they are, the more likely you’re going to stick to them! Over time, this will help you build momentum and your goals will turn into habits. And before you know it, it will just be part of your daily routine and you’ll do it without even thinking about it, like when your brush your teeth in the morning!

Get your family involved in setting your resolution
A whole family approach to making healthy changes will make you accountable and give you the support you need to stick with it. Don’t forget to give each other lots of praise and encouragement!

Track your progress
Thinking about how you can track your family’s progress is crucial. This will also give you the opportunity to reassess and make your goal easier or more challenging. You may want to set up a family calendar or diary to use to check in each day but also have a visual reminder of your achievements.

Be kind to yourself
and ask for help! The most important thing when making healthy lifestyle changes with your family is to be kind to yourself! Making changes is never easy and it’s normal to expect a few bumps along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when it’s about the health of your family. Start by linking in with your family GP to guide you to support services in your local area.

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