Healthy eating during the school holidays

How to balance holiday mode with health eating.

When holiday mode kicks in, it can be an instinct for healthy eating habits to fly out of the window. But with a few mindful choices, it can still be possible to enjoy the foods you love, while maintaining healthy eating with your family.   

Here are some tips to support you in maintaining your healthy eating habits during the school holidays.  


Plan and prioritise. 

Planning meals and snacks for the week ahead from a variety of food groups can help when times get busy. This doesn’t have to be boring either, consider turning this into an exciting weekly family activity to plan out the meals your kids enjoy. Remember to eat the rainbow! Try to incorporate a range of different fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins in your meals and snacks, to keep options fun and interesting.   


Pack lunchboxes! 

You may be out and about during the school holidays so why not pack lunch boxes to take with you? Involving the kids in packing holiday lunchboxes can be fun! When children are included in preparing meals, they may be more interested in trying and exploring new foods. This is also a great way to teach your family about making healthy choices.  

Here are some easy and quick ideas  

  • Vege sticks – carrots, capsicum, cucumber, snow peas, and celery are all great options for that yummy crunch! You can pair this with hummus for added flavour.  
  • Fruit – Enjoy the fun varieties of summer fruits in season, such as berries, and stone fruits including apricots, nectarines, and peaches.  
  • Wholemeal crackers with some cheese can be a great savoury snack to take when on the go!  


Set mealtimes are important!  

Holidays can mean a change in routine, and this is ok! Trying to stick to a consistent daily schedule can help us maintain our healthy food choices. Regular meal and snack times help regulate when we feel hungry, avoid over-snacking, and can create a sense of routine. When you can, try to aim to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at similar times each day, and incorporate two to three snacks in between to maintain a consistent eating schedule. 


Bring fun healthy options to holiday gatherings. 

Holidays hopefully mean more time to have fun and be social! If you are attending holiday parties why not consider bringing a nutritious dish to share with your friends and family? This means that there is at least one healthy option available for everyone to enjoy.  

Here are some easy and quick options to try:  

  • Fruit kebab skewers – pick your favorite fruits and arrange them on a skewer – easy, tasty, and most importantly fun to do with the whole family! You can also make savoury skewers with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, and feta!  
  • Zucchini slice – choose your favourite vegetables and combine.  
  • Egg muffins – another easy and quick option, some of our favourites include tomato feta and chives and cheese and veg. 
  • Homemade guacamole – easy to make at home and served with wholegrain crackers or toasted wholegrain pita chips. 
  • Grazing platters – choose a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain crackers, nuts, and healthy dips such as hummus and serve. 
  • Dark chocolate strawberry and yogurt bites – this viral recipe does require to be kept in a freezer but is a great alternative to ice cream to beat the summer heat. Use Greek yogurt, fresh berries of your choice, cover in a little dark chocolate, and enjoy! 


Stay hydrated!

Holidays in our Aussie summer can mean some very warm days! It is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure your family is hydrated and can help you stay fuller for longer. A great way to do so is to always have water bottles available for everyone.  


Lastly, it is all about balance! It is important to remember that holidays are meant for having fun. It is okay to enjoy some celebration foods like lollies or ice cream during this time, but it is important that we also include nutritious whole foods every day to keep us healthy and provide us with energy.  

So, enjoy your time together as a family, have fun, eat delicious food, and happy holidays!