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We offer healthy lifestyle programs, training, resources and data management. Our healthy lifestyle programs are evidence-based and designed by health experts. Our range includes programs for all ages.

Better Health Company approach

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Three essential elements are necessary for sustainable and effective weight management. These are nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change.


Community based

Sustainable partnerships make sure we can provide either funded or cost effective services for all ages, cultures and communities


Health professional developed

Our programs and services are evidence-based and developed by expert dietitians, psychologists and exercise professionals.


Practical action

We believe in a holistic approach to health to make sure that our advice is achievable and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Evidence base and published research

Our programs are evidence-based and aligns with all current Australian guidelines, including:
•    The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.
•    The 24-hour Movement Guidelines.
•   The Clinical Practice Guidelines for management of overweight and obesity in adults, adolescents and children.
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Health Professionals
Our published research includes:
Khanal S, Welsby D, Lloyd B, Innes-Highes C, Lukeis S, Rissel C. Effectiveness of a once per week delivery of a family-based childhood obesity intervention: a cluster randomised controlled trial. Pediatric Obesity. 2015.
Skouteris H, Hill B, McCabe M, Swinburn B, Busija L. A parent-based intervention to promote health eating and active behaviours in pre-school children: evaluation of the MEND 2-4 randomized controlled trial. Pediatric Obesity. 2015: 11; 4-10.
Skouteris H, McCabe M, Swinburn B, Hill B. Healthy eating and obesity prevention for preschoolers: a randomised controlled trial. BMC Public Health. 2010: 10; 220.

How to make a referral

Referring your client to one of our programs is simple and can be the motivation a family needs to register.
We accept referrals via:
Fax: 1300 325 301
Phone: 1300 822 953.

Download our referral form or order referral
pads for your clinic by contacting us.
Referral forms for a number of our programs are also
available through clinical software, including Best
Practice, Medical Director and Titanium.

Clinical engagement

When you refer a patient to one of our programs, you will receive regular updates on their progress. With the family’s consent, we will send you letters and reports to inform you:

•    When your referral is received.
•    When your patient is registered to a program.
•  Patient outcomes after they complete the program.
•   If your patient chooses not to participate in the program.
•   If your patient drops out of the program before completing it.

Delivering a program

Are you a health professional or organisation looking to deliver a program? We provide full training and all supporting resources to help you deliver programs in your local community or workplace.
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Our complete training packages includes:
  • Experienced program facilitators.
  • Ongoing program support.
  • Data management services.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Program promotion services.

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