5 of the best hikes for families in Western Australia

Trekking with the tribe!

Wanting to do something active with the family on the weekend? Why not head out and explore our backyard!  

In this blog we will share five of Perth’s best hikes for families, promising not only breathtaking views but also fun bonding experiences.  


  1. Bells Rapids 
    Bells Rapids is located 20-30 minutes out of the Perth CBD and is a beautiful walk especially in the cooler months as water flows into a natural stream (as the name suggests). The walk can be done in under 2 hours with the whole family. There is a large off-road carpark which can be accessed without needing a 4wd and there are occasionally food trucks set up on busier days. This site is dog-friendly (on-leash) and very popular on weekends (so plan accordingly).
  2. Serpentine National Park / Kitty’s Gorge 
    A longer walk more suitable for the weekend, Kitty’s Gorge can be completed between 3-6 hours total depending on walking speed. This is suitable for all skill levels and it is not a bad idea to bring lunch with you (as well as plenty of water). The walk may seem long but there are vast changes in landscape which help with feeling like you’re not seeing the same thing (and therefore not moving!). It is recommended to park at the Kitty’s Gorge entrance (rather than the Serpentine Falls entrance) as walking to the falls is extremely rewarding. However, if parking is an issue you can park at the Serpentine Falls carpark, which is a paved road, however you’ll have to pay an entrance fee. All up the total distance is around 17 km and it is worth every bit!
  3. John Forrest National Park 
    The Eagle View walking trail at John Forrest is popular with the locals all year round. There is a carpark which puts you in the centre of the trail and you’ll have to pay entrance fees, however there is a free carpark which puts you at one end of the trail which is at the corner of Pechey Rd and Swan View Rd. You can not only walk the trail, but also ride your bicycle if you are so inclined, and four-legged friends are invited as well. This trail is one of the oldest in Perth and stretches to 17 km long, which can be done between 4-7 hours and is suitable for all skill levels. There is an optional train tunnel which is not well lit and it is easy to lose your footing on the loose gravel if you are not careful, but it is sure to be a hit with the kids! The main walking trail is very wide which makes it suitable for large groups of walkers, runners and bikers, but note that it could be very busy in its peak on the weekends.
  4. North Lake loop 
    Located in the suburb of North Lake (next to Bibra Lake, which you can also walk!) this is a fun and easy trail (unpaved) to take the family and pets during the week. It is short in length at around 3.5 – 4 km and can be walked within the hour. It is popular with locals during the week who are usually walking, running and biking while the sun is still up. This trail is perfect all year round due to its length and it has a good amount of foliage to protect from direct sunlight. There are no food trucks within walking distance but the trail connects to Bibra lake which is a popular spot for local families to have picnics and BBQs in the cooler times of the day.
  5. Bold Park
    Bold park is a great option for those near the coast around the City Beach suburb who are looking for a weekday hike with the family. Located within the urban sprawl of Rebold park, Bold Park is accessible by parking or walking to the trail head and is friendly to our four-legged family members. The walk itself can be an hour minimum in its entirety and is moderately hilly but the views are great as you can see the city and ocean at the tops. 


So, what do you say? Lace up those shoes, grab the family, fill your water bottles and head out on an adventure! Happy hiking!